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It’s strongly recommended to locals and visitors of Primorsky Krai to  avoid swimming in the water of seacoast.
The executive director of one of the most popular tourist agencies reported summer rest demand in Primorsky Krai dramatically decreased. It caused by frequent man-eating shark attacks, which scare tourists off, indeed. However, it should be noted people didn’t ask to cancel ticket to Primorye in spite of the frequent attacks of sea predators. The most common causes of ticket canceling are emergency calls to work, leave cut-off and also lack of money as people often cannot correctly calculate their vacation budget.
Eugene Trishkin a tourist from St. Peterburg who injured a shark attack in Cairo has got $50.000 from the minister of tourism of Egypt. This money was donated as a compensation for his bitten off arm by a man-eater. The Russian tourist proved that fact and claimed a prosthesis he needs costs that sum.
Petersburger Eugene Trishkin after return from Cairo, told details of the tragedy that happened to him at the resort.
After the tragedy happened in Egypt, which resulted with five people injured (including a German tourist, whose meeting with a shark ended fatally), experts have argued that sharks, of course, will also appear in the Crimea. According to them, there are no more than ten years left...
According to The Daily Telegraph caught mako shark in December, 8, 2010 was a predator which attacked on an Ukraine tourist and one of the Russian visitor. However, taking into account more victims, experts claim that there were several sharks. This statement confirms the worst expectations of the local authority.
According to Minsportturizm decision made at the end of the meeting on the incidents of shark attacks on Russian tourists in Egypt, from now tourism operators are obliged to notify their customers about these risks during holiday in the African country.
February 3, 2010. According to Reuters, a man-eater attacked a 38-year-old surfer Stephen Schafer near the coast of the U.S. state of Florida. Later he died of fatal injuries. It is noteworthy sharks did not kill in these areas for the last five years.
A Russian diver was attacked by a shark near the southern coast of Sakhalin (Aniva Bay). Fortunetely there was another diver who was able to repel the predator, and gravely wounded it.
In Florida, USA an extraordinary incident took place, which shocked sport fishermen went for fishing in Biscayne Bay. During a pull a 1.6 meter shark jumped in an avocational boat to resting fishermen.

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