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Currently NSU specialists (Nova Southeastern University) perform new researches devoted to shark jaws bacteria. Due to this they get unique opportunity to develop new treatments for people injured by sharks.
The entire world is shocked with the latest tragedy occurred in the coastal zone of Australia. A 28-year-old young man was attacked by a shark, which significantly injured his arm. As it was reported later, the young man had real luck. The attacked predator was not an adult species, but the calf of white shark. Obviously, this fact saved the mans life.
During swimming in coast waters of Africa a young man from Britain was attacked by a shark.
Denis Udovenko, a young man from Primorye, who lost both arms due to a shark attack, decided to write his memoirs. Denis said he wants to create a website on the Internet, devoted to limbs prosthetics. The guy wants to tell his story and also to provide support to all the people who have faced the same problem.
There was sixth man-eater attack on a human recorded for the last year in coast waters of Reunion Island. This time the injured was a young diver who was engaged in underwater hunting. During diving he felt severe pain in leg, - a shark bit him.
In Agersheld region (Amur Bay) several people became witnesses of a shark swimming in coastal zone. Eyewitnesses told they didnt understand at first what a fish of torpedo-like shape passed near the shore. Several minutes passed and they understood it much resembles the main sea predator, a shark.
According to experts, such sea predators as sharks will be glad to continue their hunt for bathers of Primorsky Krai. It was publicly stated by the famous world astrologer and the rector of the Far East History Academy as well - Alexander Rempel.
The tragedy took place in ashore waters of Australia, in the western part of seaside. An injured was a 30-year- old diver, tourist from the USA, who was engaged in his favorite underwater hunting about a kilometer off coastline.
South African beach Second Beach is infamous not for the first time. There man-eating sharks annually attack on swimmers and bathers on a mass scale. Despite this many tourists, who want to tickle nerves, come for holidays exactly to this resort area. Unfortunately, not every swim is successful and very often people fall into sharks jaws.
The authorities of Primorsky Kray report day by day more people annul their touring tickets to Khasansky District of Primorye. The administration of pensionates and sanatoriums risks to sustain huge losses as many people are afraid to have rest in the lair of sharks. This resort zone has always been considered as a perfect place for holidays of guests from Siberia and the Far East. There are no any other alternative places which can make boast of such convenient location and wealthy nature.

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