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Egyptian authorities and namely the Ministry for the Environment, warns of the danger of sharks attacks on people in the coastal zone.
A Kuzbass resident Yriy Geizel took award ‘For honour and courage’ from the governor A.G. Tuleev.
Peter Kerman, a diver from Australia, vacationed with his brother in Strethem Beach, not far from Perth. Suddenly the young man was attacked by a great white shark, in just a few seconds it deprived him of life.
The staff of beach and rescue services of Vladivostok alert people of being in water. The city’s aquatorium is permanently patrolled by motor rescue boats.
In Australia the authorities closed the beach in area of which a diver was attacked and killed by a shark. The search for the carnivore is started.
Yan Lisevski,a surfer from Poland, told how he was fighting off pack of sharks in the open sea in the course of eleven hours. During this time, he was attacked by ten sea predators at least, each of them was up to six meters long.
In the coastal area of the Praslin island (Seychelles) was opened a trendy and popular beach Anse Lazio. Unfortunately, this resort area had been worked not long and was closed by the authorities of Seychelles. Swimming ban at this beach was introduced after a series of man-eating shark attacks on tourists. For example, only in August, 2001 two people died on the beach due to shark attacks.
A reef shark attack on humans took place at one of the beaches in Phuket (Thai resort island). A predator for many years of ISAF observation appeared near the coast of the island's hotel beaches for the first time. According to its size, specialists have found the species was at the age of 3 at a time when rescuers had to scotch it. Most likely, the fish close to the island because of inexperience.
We offer you the statistics of shark attacks on humans of 2011. These facts not only scare off, but also shock every resident of our planet.
Bleak events of 2011 are not forgotten, but nowadays cases of man-eater sharks in Primorye become more and more frequent. Unfortunately, specialist are convinced these incidents have occurred not for the first time in the history of this region.

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