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Mariko Hautgen, the holder of the black belt in taekwondo, was going into underwater hunting with her husband when the 12 foot long tiger shark had occurred. It took place just in 25 meters from the shore of Hawaii Island of Maui. The woman had not lost courage and when the distance between her and predator was about to hit Mariko did her best. The shark had immediately withdrown. As the woman says, the scene resembled the well-know movie “Jaws”.
Within the nearshore zone of the USA a man-eater shark attacked a surfer. The young man was quickly taken out from the water but despite anything died because of huge blood loss.
Primorye 24 press agency, Vladivostok.
A year passed since on August 17 a white shark for the first time attacked a man in Telyakovsky bay of Khasansky District of Primorye. The victim was 25 years old Denis Udovenko – the resident of Vladivostok. The shark bit off the hands of the youth and inflicted some other injury.
The Primorye 24 news agency, Vladivostok
The first case of white shark’s attack in Primorye was registered in 2011. The victim then was Denis Uvarov, the programmer, lost his hands.
The Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean, has suddenly become very dangerous place as for the usual bathers, so for the surfers and divers. The nearshore zone is occupied with man-eater sharks, which have half a mind to eat some men for a dinner. This time the victim is 40 years old surfer.
Not long ago local authorities of Egypt asked tourists not to leave resort zones as shark attack threat blew over. However several days later, the administration of large tourist company noticed a pack of sharks near Hurghada city, which may be of great danger to bathing tourists.
In the Red Sea at the city of Hurghada (Egypt) specialists ecologists noticed appearance of sharks. They didn’t waste time and set out in a search of sea carnivores to drive them away to the bosom of the sea.
A 24-year-old surfer died in the eastern near shore of Australia because of shark attack. Benjamin Carl Linden was surfing light-heatedly, when a huge white shark attacked him out of waves. People, who witnessed the tragedy, reported the shark had appeared out of thin air and torn the young man across.
According to local news media, many sharks are found in the eastern near shore of South Korea, which can be great threat to people.
Scientists all over the world agree that man-eaters settled in Primorye region and have already started to leave here its dangerous breed.

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