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Scientists discovered two species of extinct sharks

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On Kiribati islands there were found ancients weapons, spears and pikes made of shark teeth. Actually, this event encapsulates two discoveries as absolutely new kind of ancient weapon and new shark species! The case is teeth of sea predators were used for making of such spears, which are unknown for current time.

Scientists claim these spears were made in the end of 19th century. Exactly that time islands locals used sharks for purposes of food, business and worshipping. They were sacred animals and locals believed weapons made of died shark teeth likely to save family from any misery.

Through study it was revealed that remains of blacktip and whitetip sharks were put into action. Unfortunately, species which contributed in the design of such historic finding didn’t survive at the moment.

Today scientists suppose these shark species inhabited local cays. All one can do is to guess why sharks disappeared from the coastal waters of Kiribati, but the main version is that people themselves extirpated these sea predators, using their teeth for weapons and fins for food.

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