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Egyptian authorities defend sharks

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Minister of Tourism of Egypt reported every try to kill off a sea predator will be chastened by strictness of the law. Only one complaint from the association of environment protection will be enough for punishment execution.

Unfortunately, recently shark hunt has become some kind of sport, with help of which some resorts attract more and more extreme lovers tourists. For example, one of the tourist agencies of Hurghada city advertises shark hunt in cays and, for instance, in the region of Suez Canal such advertisement is made by locals.

It should be also mentioned due to such shark hunt ‘for entertainment’ absolutely undangerous species are killed. More often basking sharks die, which are on the edge of extinction. A basking shark is a huge sea predator, which feeds on plankton only. Such fish takes in itself great amount of water and by that filtrates its food.

It should be also noted that in near shore of Egypt there are many species of sharks, among them there are also rare endangered ones.

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