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A hound shark near the beach of Phuket

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The peace of nearshore zone was broken by a shark that scared all the beachgoers away. People took run in a moment, and the rescuers were quick-response to manage with the predator. After a while the tourists could make some photos near the dangerous fish.

As experts report, the age of the shark was about four years Ц it means the shark raised the land due to its adolescence and inexperience. It is also should be noticed, within the area of Phuket there are a lot of coral reefs attracting sharks and also a marine park Ц so the sharks do not afraid of people.

We remind that several years ago Ц in 2010 within the nearshore waters of Sharm el-Sheikh a shark attacked five tourists. As a result of the attack one of the tourists Ц a woman from Germany Ц was killed, three Russians and one Ukrainian got serious harm. The specialists suppose the tourists themselves bear  guilt for the incident Ц they were feeding fish and so attracted the carnivore. However, other researchers consider the reason was the sharkТs wound due to which it couldnТt get the food by its own.

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