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The swimmer taken bronze of Paralympic Games, lost a leg because of a shark

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Ahmat Hassim the bronze winner of Paralympic Games 2012 in 100 meters swim in butterfly stroke lost his leg at struggle with a man-eater shark several years ago.

After the end of competition the sportsman entrusted with his recipe for success. Each time during the swim he was imagining himself in open sea with a five meters long shark aimed on his healthy leg.

The tragedy with Ahmat Hassim took place on the beach of Capetown in 2006. By that time he and his brother had rest, being absolutely inapprehensive. Suddenly he noticed a big shark swimming to his brother. At once he rushed to water and started spanking the surface trying to flap the predator away. Just at that moment he felt a strong pain in his leg.

The attacker was great white shark. It dragged the man about 50 meters and then bit off his leg. Ahmats brother took him out of the water and they had nothing to do but to watch as the shark was eating up the leg.

After such a horrible tragedy Ahmat had just thrown up his hands, thinking his sport carrier was over. But thanks to Nataly deu Tua, the championess of Paralympic Games from RSA, he managed with depression and few months later had fulfilled himself in swimming. During the first trainings he kept the monicker Sharkboy for Ahmat it is not nearly offensive, he in some degree is pride of it.

It also should be noted that Ahmat is going to participate the following Paralympic Games in 100 and 400 meters swim in free style.

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